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Happy Accidents, Grace & Forgiveness

• 17 min

About 4 hours after last week's guest, Jennifer Allain, left my house, an uninsured motorist totaled our car. My reaction told me how far I've come on my journey seeking joy, grace, and forgiveness. Jennifer Allain: #59: Insurance, the Army & Michelle Obama About Jen McFarland For over 12 years I’ve tackled business problems and provided simple, powerful solutions. I’ve led 7-figure projects and helped entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive. I teach women how to build their business, not around spreadsheets, bottom lines, and formulas, but around equity, leadership, mindset, courage, and resilience — you know, the things we are born to do. Are you starting a business? Confused about how to grow? Check out my favorite business growth tools. I love appearing on podcasts. Here’s my Podcast Guests profile. Let’s Hang Out On Social Facebook LinkedIn

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