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Insurance, the Army & Michelle Obama with Jennifer Allain

• 33 min

This episode consists of excerpts from a two and a half hour conversation between Jennifer and I. I picked out a few of my favorite moments as well as moments that help you move your business forward - not only in terms of insurance, but also how to get out in your community and reach your clients. Marked explicit for a couple of swear words. Insurance Coach LLC Jennifer Allain speaking at Michelle Obama's Becoming event March 2019, Portland, OR About Jennifer Allain Jennifer Allain was born and raised in Florida and is currently a Wilsonville, Oregon resident. She’s a decorated Combat Veteran who served in Bosnia and Iraq, where she performed in positions related to her Military Police title. Prior to self employment, she attended Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton where she majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with double minors in Psychology and Sociology (Magna Cum Laude). Florida is truly beautiful, but she loves the Pacific Northwest. Jennifer’s business, Insurance Coach, LLC is a Veteran- and Woman-Owned Small Business and Independent Insurance Broker that represents multiple Medicare, health insurance and medical insurance providers in Oregon and Washington State. Jennifer is dedicated to pairing people with the RIGHT Medicare, health insurance and medical insurance solution based on people's needs. She strongly believes in gathering detailed information from each client before conducting research so that she can present the best insurance options for each individual, family, or small business. The "coaching" aspect of the business includes insurance coverage education, motivation, and honest support in helping find the best possible solutions for each client's specific needs. About Jen McFarland For over 12 years I’ve tackled business problems and provided simple, powerful solutions. I’ve led 7-figure projects and helped entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive. I teach women how to build their business, not around spreadsheets, bottom lines, and formulas, but around equity, leadership, mindset, courage, and resilience — you know, the things we are born to do. Are you starting a business? Confused about how to grow? Check out my favorite business growth tools. I love appearing on podcasts. Here’s my Podcast Guests profile. Let’s Hang Out On Social Facebook LinkedIn

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