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Behind-the-Scenes Get to Know Jen Holiday Mashup

• 47 min

We go behind-the-scenes of some of our favorite interviews, and Liz interviews Jen. Sit back and relax, learn about the Vandal Lounge, Booker, coffee roasting in Italy, and what it's like to work with Jen. Episode #19: How to Release Yourself from Limitations with Brian Fowlie: https://jenmcfarland.com/how-to-release-yourself-from-limitations-with-brian-fowlie/ Episode #35: Vulnerability and Imposter Syndrome with Allison Kinnear: https://www.jenmcfarland.com/vulnerability-and-imposter-syndrome/ Episode #23: How to Be a Productive Leader with Sally Foley-Lewis: https://www.jenmcfarland.com/how-to-be-a-productive-leader-with-sally-foley-lewis/

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