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Is Your Brand a Middle Aged Virgin? Credit Card Wars

• 4 min

You have two levers to pull in marketing: 1) everything that falls under brand, content marketing, messaging, and advertising, and 2) your product or service and its features and cost relative to comparable products in the marketplace - is it a good value? If you only have one of these two prongs firing, it better fire hard. Example from Bank of America's latest credit card offering and why it will never compete with Apple Card despite both being comparable free cards (no annual fee) with cash back rewards. Watch my 4-minute video analyzing Apple's luxury brand: Why Apple Could Survive 50 Years: $AAPL Outlast FAANG. Mentioned in this episode: startup bank Mercury (here's why I like Mercury Bank). Not sponsored. See tweet for image of Bank of America direct mail marketing. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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