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What You Can Learn from Challenger Beauty Brands

• 5 min

Take a lesson from Il Makiage's tech-first approach using AI, and their commitment to a quality product and ace customer experience. The beauty brand is shipping full-size products based on their online color matching quiz and accepting no-questions-asked returns with full refunds. Sounds risky and expensive, but this strategy is likely to be profitable in the long term because it's how people want to shop and feel. Private equity firms increasingly view cosmetics as a sector ripe for investment - find out why and how these principles can help your business. New brands have emerged in response to the demands of discerning shoppers who are presented with ever-growing choices online. People are searching for brands that speak to their individual identity. Such brands are building loyal followings on social media by investing heavily in helpful content such as video makeup tutorials from influencers. This disruptive, online-first approach is epitomized by Glossier, the cult US cosmetics brand. Glossier launched on social media back in 2014, keeps close control of its distribution channels, and only sells its products online and via pop-ups. But Il Makiage has done something even better to stand out during the pandemic using excellent technology that makes shopping from home totally risk-free and convenient. See tweet with photo. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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