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Is Your Audience Actually Using Smart Speakers?

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Get there first. The right kind of marketing can lower your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). Content marketing is better than advertising in many ways. It builds your brand. It connects you to your audience. In this video I answer the top questions I get about smart speaker / voice assistant use in my newest YouTube video about voice marketing. Who is using smart speakers, by demographic groups? Voice is the future of content. Look around: look where VC money is being invested in podcasting and short form audio content apps (think Spotify $SPOT, Clubhouse, billion dollar valuations of voice tech startups and platforms, Amazon's investment in Alexa (over 10,000 employees solely working on Alexa), and podcast platforms). Your audience is listening. If you're early to what becomes dominant and popular, you win. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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