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How to See What Google Assumes About You - Ad Personalization

• 2 min

Ever wondered why you see certain ads? Here's the URL to unlock all your tracked activity and see it right in front of your eyes by category. For your entire online life, Google has been tracking your searches and making assumptions about your age, gender identity, parental status, brands you like, and more. You may be surprised just how accurate and granular those assumptions are. Tech tip!: You can see all Google's assumptions about you at adssettings.google.com. There, you can turn Ad Personalization on or off. Remember, seeing ads online is basically inevitable. You must decide if you want those ads to be relevant to you. Most people find that experience more enjoyable or at least less annoying than irrelevant ads. Want relevance? Then you have to submit to some degree of tracking. Otherwise you'll be seeing ads for adult diapers when you're forty. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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