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Always Do This (You Probably Aren't). Day 4 of 5 - Email Marketing

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This is day 4 of 5 in our week of email marketing tips, stats, dos and don’ts. Now, here is the money shot of the entire week. This is the big tip I hope you all really take to heart: 1) First, here is the Why: In a conversation, 55% is nonverbal. 38% is tone of voice and change in pitch. That leaves just 7% coming from the words, things that you could text. Interesting that nowadays texts are so full of emojis and explanations points. We are straining to get body language and tone of voice through the emojis. This information was from The Good Life Project podcast episode called The Art and Science of Listening with guest Kate Murphy, which I found out about via my friend JJ Ramberg's share in my Goodpods feed. Hear Emily Binder's interview with JJ Ramberg about Goodpods, the social podcast app. 2) The What: DO include an audio update with your email. Just record the email update as audio and host it at your podcast host. I saw Fundrise do a nice job of this last week. If you want help automating this process to voicify your own email marketing (to create a deeper connection with your audience), book a call with me at emilybinder.com/call. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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