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Ethics in Creating Alexa Skills - Roundtable at Project Voice

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If you hand kids a coloring book without lines and walk away, your walls will be covered in Sharpie. :) This is kind of what's happening with Alexa Skills. Though I predict it will get cleaned up as the platform matures. Amazon is not used to managing content nor being a distribution platform for news like with Flash Briefing. Lots of opportunity here, improvement will come. We'll talk about Alexa junk Skills + more today Tuesday 1/14/2020 at Project Voice in Chattanooga. I am on the panel with: Steven Arkonovich @nickschwab @marktucker @SarahAndrewWils @bmetrock at #AlexaDevs Ethics Roundtable at 5pm @ProjectVoiceAI Here is the Project Voice agenda for 1/14/2020.

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