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SkillSetters Flash Networking at Project Voice

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#SkillSetters Premiere Event is January 14, 2020 at Project Voice in Chattanooga! Join us for speed networking with the 50 Alexa Skill and Flash Briefing creators. Space is limited to just 50 attendees. Grab your ticket now! Register at bit.y/flashmeet With your ticket, you'll get: Cocktail & appetizerFree signed copy of Bradley Metrock's Alexa book, sold out on AmazonDigital Swag Bag worth over $150 including freebies and promo codes for valuable voice marketing toolsParticipate in our flash networking (everyone gets a 1 minute pitch to promote their Skill or Flash Briefing) Event details: Join us at the official Tuesday night event at Project Voice: Increase the discoverability of your Alexa Skill or Flash Briefing live at #SkillSetters premiere cocktail & networking hour!YOUR HOSTS: SkillSetters and Finalists for the Flash Briefing of the Year Award: -Emily Binder (Voice Marketing with Emily Binder) -Daniel Hill (The Instagram Stories) -Amy Summers (The Pitch with Amy Summers) With featured guest Bradley Metrock, host of Project Voice WHO SHOULD ATTEND: People who have an Alexa Skill or Flash Briefing. WHAT IS IT: You’ve heard of speed dating? Get ready for Skill Flash Networking! This event is the last of the day on the official Project Voice agenda and we have an incredible value-packed evening planned. Space is limited to 50 seats. You will have 1 minute with each person in the room to pitch your Alexa Skill or Flash Briefing. BENEFITS:Increase your Skill's following and 5-star reviewsHear expert tips on maximizing awareness of your Skill from three top #SkillSetters in VoiceGet real time, face time with Bradley Metrock, founder of Project Voice and author of “Amazon Alexa: More Than Just Weather & Music"FREE signed copy of Bradley's book, sold out on Amazon!FREE Digital Swag Bag featuring a year of complimentary Pro access to top voice marketing tools and podcast/RSS hosting, valued at over $150! FOOD & DRINK: Enjoy appetizers and welcome cocktail of your choice at The Public House #VoiceFirst #ProjectVoice #VoiceTech #AmazonAlexa #Alexa

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