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A ticket towards prosperity or a bottomless pit of debt

• 25 min

Is college education a ticket towards prosperity and job security — or a bottomless pit of student loan debt? If you live in the U.S., that is a $1.7 trillion dollar question.   Student loan debt impacts all financial aspects of a consumer; and the burden is amplified for first generation college students and people of color, who don’t typically have access to generational wealth. With wage disparities induced by systemic bias, such gaps continue to grow even after employment.  In this episode of One Vision, Theo and Bradley chat with Tobin Van Ostern, founder of Savi, a public benefit corporation focused on tackling the student loan challenge faced by America's 46 million student loan borrowers. While policy reforms are long overdue, we believe that private sector innovation can still play a crucial role to provide much needed immediate relief. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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