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Thinking beyond just today

• 27 min

It has been difficult to think beyond just today, but we must. What has been happening in the fintech space, within venture capital, and within the broader financial services ecosystem? Surely more mergers and acquisitions, more devaluations of once high-riding unicorns, and rumors of neobanks demise to discuss, but at the heart of the topics of the last few weeks is the importance of the humans behind the headlines, and the more important context beyond the business that we’re in. Please join us in this moving discussion about what is keeping us all up at night, and what we expect for tomorrow.  In this episode of One Vision, Arun, Theo and Bradley chat about the context of news during this ongoing pandemic and on the importance of humanity remaining at the heart of everything we do. The future may very well depend on it. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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