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Hot Destinations for 2024 with Paula Twidale | Part 1

• 16 min

A new year means a new travel season. With so many global destinations to choose from, the selection can start to feel overwhelming. But have no fear! Our short list of the hottest, most trending destinations is here!Today, Angie Orth welcomes Paula Twidale, senior vice president of travel at AAA. Paula is a true travel enthusiast who offers a wealth of information about some of the most exciting destinations to add to your bucket list. You’ll hear what’s trending among travelers in the know, and why experiential-focused getaways are more in demand than ever before. You’ll hear about 5 expert-selected recommendations and why these destinations are topping the list. Whether you’re a foodie looking for a street-food paradise, a nature lover seeking stunning scenery, or a history buff waiting to be wowed by ancient architecture, there’s a destination on this list with your name on it. What You’ll Learn:* Where to go for wine, river cruises, and old-world charm (4:35)* A destination for hikers, foodies, and history buffs (6:40)* The cultural haven for street-food lovers (9:43)* A coastal paradise for architectural sightseeing and Game of Thrones fans (11:01)* Going to the land Down Under for nature escapes and hearty brunches (12:46)Resources:Episode 34: The Pleasures of Paris & the 2024 Summer Olympics with Lee Abbomante ( 35: Discovering Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, & Beyond with Don George ( 43: The Best New Year's Eve Destinations Around the World with Lee Abbamonte and Alexandra Baackes ( with Paula Twidale:LinkedIn: ( with Angie Orth:Instagram:

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