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New Year’s Eve Bucket List Experiences with Lee Abbamonte and Alexandra Baackes

• 6 min

Planning on splashing out this New Year’s Eve, but you’re still not sure where to go? If last week’s episode stimulated your appetite for celebration, then this week’s mini episode will help you narrow your party options down even further. Today, Angie Orth circles back with Lee Abbamonte and Alexandra Baackes to get their expert recommendations, sharing a few of their all-time favorite New Year’s Eve celebrations. You’ll hear their must-do, bucket list picks in the U.S. and abroad, and you’ll hear where to go if you’re looking for a tropical-flavored New Year’s Eve party. They’ll also share some sentimental celebrations that made an impression, and tell you what they think about people planning weddings on New Year’s Eve. What You’ll Learn:* Lee’s bucket list (0:42)* Ideas for celebrating a summer-season New Year’s Eve abroad (1:14)* An unusual beach destination that feels off the beaten path (2:21)* The sentimental value of partying local with loved ones (3:07)* Their thoughts on New Year’s Eve weddings (3:56)Connect with Lee Abbamonte:Website: ( with Alexandra Baackes:Website: ( with AAA:LinkedIn: ( ( (

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