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The Top 5 Experiences to Have in Maui with Leanne Pletcher

• 4 min

Dreaming of a vacation to the island of Maui? Well, you’ve come to the right place!Today, Angie Orth is back with Leanne Pletcher, director of Public Relations & Marketing at the Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau. Last week, she shared everything you need to know about visiting the island and helping the local economy recover from the 2023 fire in Lahaina. In this mini-episode, we’re filling out your must-do list with the best of what to see and do on your Maui vacation. What You’ll Learn:* The best experiences and festivals for foodies (0:35)* How to connect with the culture of Maui (1:19)* The top experiences for kids (1:37)* How to get the best birds eye view of the island (2:12)* The best water-related activities (2:43)Connect with Leanne Pletcher:Email: ( Visitors and Conventions Bureau: ( Travel Updates: ( with Angie Orth:Website +Blog: ( ( ( ( with AAA:LinkedIn: ( ( ( with AAA Podcast: ( ( your next vacation with AAA: ( (

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