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Alaska: Exploring the Final Frontier

• 22 min

Seeing bears and caribou while floating past gem-like glaciers isn’t a normal, everyday experience for most people. But for Alaskans, it’s just another day in the wild paradise of America’s 49th state.  If you’ve been dreaming about seeing Alaska’s incredible range of wildlife and exploring the state’s crystal-clear waters, then you’re in luck. Today’s guest is here to help you get closer to ticking this wild mountain paradise off your bucket list. Well, for the first time, anyway. Today, Angie Orth welcomes Valerie Stimac to the show. She’s an award-winning travel writer and the author of Dark Skies, A Practical Guide to Astro Tourism. A native Alaskan, she’s here to share her love for the breathtaking, bountiful, and beautiful 49th state. You’ll discover the best ways to navigate Alaska, whether by plane, boat, or RV (and you’ll get a few road tips for getting around a land without interstate highways). You’ll learn where to see the most abundant wildlife and the best way to get there. You’ll also hear a few tips if you want to visit Alaska on a budget, and the best way to see the magical lights of the Aurora Borealis. What You’ll Learn:* Where to see the “Big 5” in Alaska (4:58)* How to see Alaska from the water (11:26)* Visiting Alaska on a budget (13:12)* Experiencing Alaska’s Native culture (16:11)* How the culinary scene is evolving (18:10)* Planning to see the Aurora Borealis (20:42)Connect with Valerie Stimac:Website: ( ( ( with Angie Orth:Website +Blog: (

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