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The Pleasures of Paris and the 2024 Summer Olympics

• 20 min

Is there anything more quintessentially Parisian than biting into a warm croissant, sipping a strong cup of coffee, and people watching from the table of a quaint cafe? Well, if you haven’t experienced the many pleasures of Paris yet, then today’s guest will have you dreaming of the River Seine by the time you finish this episode. Today, Angie Orth welcomes Lee Abbamonte, a busy blogger and world traveler who has been back to Paris over 60 times! For the seasoned Francophile or the first-time visitor, he’s here to provide insider tips for anyone planning a visit to Paris in the next year. You’ll hear his expert tips on where to eat, where to stay, and how to avoid the crowds in the most visited city in the world. He shares what he loves about the Paris experience, the best spots to snap that iconic Eiffel Tower photo, what to consider when visiting the Louvre, Paris’ historic importance, and some excellent alternatives for stunning city views that don’t require waiting in line. You’ll also hear what Paris is doing to prepare for the 2024 Summer Olympics and what makes this years opening ceremony different than any other. What You’ll Learn:●     Lee’s favorite neighborhood to stay in when visiting Paris (2:17)●     Where to get an authentic Parisian meal (3:42)●     What makes the the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris unique (8:29)●     An alternative to going up the Eiffel Tower (12:07)●     Lesser-known spots to avoid the crowds in Paris (15:39) Connect with Lee Abbomonte:Website and blog: ( ( Connect with Angie Orth:Website +Blog: ( ( with AAA:LinkedIn: ( ( ( Traveling with AAA Podcast: ( your next vacation with AAA: (  

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