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Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and the Yucatan Peninsula: Tim Leffel & Lydia Carey

• 23 min

Mexico has long been drawing American travelers. From bustling Mexico City to charming Puerto Vallarta and down to the inviting beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula, we’re bringing you the best of Mexico. The country has stunning seaside resorts, delicious street food, and friendly family distilleries, making it a great destination for all kinds of travelers. Today, your new Traveling with AAA host, Angie Orth, welcomes two Mexico travel experts to the show. Tim Leffel lives in Guanajuato and is the editor of the website Perceptive Travel. Lydia Carey is a freelance writer based in Mexico City.  You’ll hear about the pace of life that makes Mexico feel so special, even in big cities. You’ll learn what makes destinations like Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and the Yucatan Peninsula different, and which location might be best for the kind of vacation you’re planning. You’ll also hear where to find delicious street food and the best way to sample traditional Mexican spirits.  What You’ll Learn: ●     Where to go and what to eat on your first visit to Mexico City (4:05)●     Finding local, traditional spirits like mezcal and pulque (6:49)●     Enjoying tunique cenote pool experiences (10:35)●     Journeying to remote islands from Puerto Vallarta (14:08)●     Festivals to plan your trip around (17:04)●     Advice for visiting Mexico from local perspectives (20:53) Connect with:Tim Leffel: ( Carey: ( Connect with Angie Orth:Website +Blog: ( ( with AAA:LinkedIn: ( ( ( with AAA Podcast: ( your next vacation with AAA: ( 

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