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Tips for Visiting US National Parks and Avoiding Crowds with Gary Arndt

• 22 min

Fresh air, wildlife sightings, and wide-open vistas are the hallmarks of our US National Parks. There’s something so special about visiting these places, but that untamed beauty also comes with a downside. At our most popular parks, especially in summer, crowds are inevitable. So, what’s the best way to navigate the parks, and is it possible to avoid the crowds altogether? Today’s guest, Gary Arndt, has some expert tips that will help you do just that. Since 2007, Gary has practically made world exploration his full-time job. Through his travels, he has seen more of the US National Park system than just about anyone. His deep curiosity about the world comes through on his podcast, Everything, Everywhere, where he takes deep dives into cultural and historic topics inspired by his travels.During his conversation with Mary Harendeen, you’ll learn why the US National Park system has a lot more to offer than just parks, and how you can take advantage of off-the-beaten-path locales. He discusses the impact of over-tourism and offers useful tips on avoiding crowds, helping you venture outside of the most crowded parks to discover lesser-known options.What You’ll Learn:* How to discover more within the US National Park System [2:17)* Lesser-known destinations where you can avoid the crowds (5:31) (16:53)* Exploring outside of the most popular parks in Utah (11:20)* The best parks for families and solo travelers (15:49)* Getting the most out of your National Park visits with a park pass (19:37)Connect with Gary Arndt:Podcast: ( with Mary Herendeen:Mary Herendeen: ( with AAA:LinkedIn: ( ( ( with AAA Podcast: ( your next vacation with AAA: (

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