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Family Road Trips and #VanLife With Kristen Bor

• 19 min

There’s something magical about packing your bags, planning out your meals, and loading your friends and family into a van or RV for a road trip. You park and plant yourself in the midst of nature. One day, your front porch is a fiery red sunset overlooking the red rocks of Sedona. Another, it’s a misty seaside morning on the Santa Barbara coast. Road trips have long been an American pastime. It’s only the form they’ve taken that has changed. These days, more Americans are venturing out in fully outfitted vans, living their own variations on #VanLife.  Today, Mary Herendeen welcomes Kristen Bor, an outdoor enthusiast who has spent nearly a decade balancing life at home and serious adventures on the open road. In 2014, she left her job and loaded up a van to spend more time outdoors. This eventually led her to #VanLife. Her website, Bearfoot Theory helps road-trippers and #VanLifers equip themselves with the right gear and discover the best van and RV-friendly destinations. Her blog offers helpful advice for anyone planning a road trip or thinking about long-term travel on the road. You’ll hear about her introduction to van life and what she learned about van design as her needs changed with a partner and a growing family. She shares how summers on the road keep her close to nature, and she reveals her favorite U.S. destinations for road trips. What You’ll Learn: ●     Why van life has become so popular in recent years (2:31)●     Advice for long-term road trippers and prospective van lifers (6:09)●     How to shower on the road (9:20)●     Connecting with nature in our National Parks (14:11)●     Her favorite road trip destination (16:54) Connect with Kristen Bor:Bearfoot Theory ( Connect with Mary Herendeen:Mary Herendeen: ( with AAA:LinkedIn: ( ( ( with AAA Podcast: ( your next vacation with AAA: 

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