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How to Convert a Shed to a Tiny Home

• 29 min

Katy Zientek's tiny house caught my eye, when I learned that it was actually a shed that was converted into a tiny house. I have a very popular blog post about how to convert a shed to a tiny house, but I have never interviewed someone on the show who actually did it. Enter Katie, Katie and her husband took a shed that was built in the 1980s on their grandparents property, and turned it into a gorgeous Pinterest worthy tiny house. In this conversation, we go through all the basics, like how they did the floors, what they had to do to the walls, the ceilings, why they chose to add a porch, and all of the details that went into converting a shed into a tiny house. In this episode: How they converted a shed to a tiny home in 9 monthsWhat does it take to turn a shed into a house?Sleeping arrangements for a family of fourPlan the location of your appliances before you begin your buildSponsor: Did you know that I personally send a tiny house newsletter every week on Tuesdays? It's called Tiny Tuesdays and it's a weekly email with tiny house news, interviews, photos, and resources. It's free to subscribe and I even share sneak peeks of things that are coming up, ask for feedback about upcoming podcast guests, and more. It's really the best place to keep a pulse on what I'm doing in the tiny house space and also stay informed about what's going on in the tiny house movement. To sign up go to thetinyhouse.net/newsletter. I'll never send you spam and if you don't want to receive emails, it's easy to unsubscribe. Support the showListen. Subscribe. Rate. Review. Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Google Podcasts More... Follow Ethan. Mastodon (my favorite!) Instagram Pinterest Facebook Want to say 'thank you' for the show? Buy me a coffee!

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