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Pelosi’s Announcement, Eiffel Tower Closed & “Mighty Mice” in Space - Friday, December 6th, 2019

• 9 min

The news to know for Friday, December 6th, 2019!  What to know today about the impeachment timeline and two heated exchanges making headlines. Also, a massive strike in France shuts down major cities and an unprecedented safety report from Uber. Plus: so-called 'mighty mice' head to space, a digital driver's license coming soon, and the future of iPhones. Those stories and many more in less than 10 minutes! Award-winning broadcast journalist and former TV news reporter Erica Mandy breaks it all down for you.  Head to to read more about any of the stories mentioned under the section titled 'Episodes' or see sources below... Today's episode is brought to you by  Become a NewsWorthy INSIDER! Learn more here:     Sources: Impeachment Timeline: AP, The Hill, Washington Post, ABC News Heated Exchanges: The Hill, CNBC, CBS News National Strike in France: NPR, CBS News, BBC Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: AP, USA Today Uber’s Safety Report: Washington Post Lyft Lawsuit: NYT Amazon & NFL Team Up: WSJ, Engadget “Mighty Mice” in Space:, CNN, AP Digital Driver's License: Cnet Apple Phone With No Ports: Engadget, CNBC Fastest Growing Brands: Mashable, Morning Consult

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