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Taking your customer on a journey and the importance of customer experience (CX) in building strong brand.

• 30 min

What is a customer journey or customer map??  What is the difference between customer experience and just customer service? Today I want to talk to you a little bit about the customer journey and customer experience. And how important it is for your business that you have considered this.  I am really focusing on here product-based businesses, e-commerce store, and bricks and mortar stores.  The past few months I have bought a few things online (well more than a few…. but anyway, let’s not get into that) and now also starting to go into stores a little more and the importance of this has really hit home. Every touchpoint that a customer has with your brand is crucial that it aligned and considered. The customer journey starts from the first experience or exposure they have and ends with that last piece of communication you have with them (and then really starts all over again!). You should be able to map out every touchpoint a customer has with your brand. Listen here for what the important aspects are on mapping the customer journey and what things you can improve to ensure the customer experience is a positive one!! Thank you so much for listening to thelotco business podcast.  If you enjoyed this episode please make sure you subscribe to receive future episodes as they are released and I'd be so so grateful for a review on Apple podcast. You can find out more about thelotco at @thelotco or thelotco FB COMMUNITY: thelotco INSTAGRAM: thelotco SHOWNOTES: listen on apple.listen on spotifylisten on google

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