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Quick hacks to increase your website sales (without facebook ads) !!

• 14 min

You know how selecting the profile pic you put on Tinder is important (I am way too old for that but you know what I mean....). Well first impressions count. Today I want to run through some quick actions you can take and changes that can make immediately to your ecommerce store that can make difference to your online sales and overall website conversion rate and average order value. Who doesn't want that?? And if you are about to launch a website or product based business then tune in, you need to hear the facts here and essentials to setting it up. Listen to find out what else you should be doing online to your socials, menus, imagery, and more.  What the heck is a CTA (By the end of this you will  have lots of them) ? Let's keep it short and sharp so you can go on ahead and spend time zhushing up your website and socials as first impression count and we want more sales and that cha ching sounds coming into our inbox. To go deeper on this and really Get your business online ready head to : Or to find out more of what I do head to: Thank you so much for listening to thelotco business podcast.  If you enjoyed this episode please make sure you subscribe to receive future episodes as they are released and I'd be so so grateful for a review on Apple podcast.  I'm Mel Robbins! from @thelotco Register for my FREE webinar here And if you want a Roadmap to Building a Profitable Product Business head here for directions! Find more details at Business Coach for product-based businesses. Teaching creative business women how to build a scalable and profitable million-dollar product business. Over 25 years in Retail and Wholesale Sales and Marketing. Grab my 8 step checklist on building a profitable product business.

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