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"Teeth, Tammy!" - FIDO (2006) with DAN COHEN & CHRYSTEN PEDDIE

• 85 min

A Heartwarmingly wholesome tale of a boy and his....zombie??FIDO, directed by ANDREW CURRIE, takes to a picture perfect pop art white picket fence and apple pie post-zombie apocalypse 1950's style world where the undead serve as harmless domestic servants, nannies and Mother's Little Helpers. When little Timmy's family adopt Fido to be their house ghoul, hearty laughs and wholesome good times are sure to well as total societal upheaval and just a teeny tiny zombie uprising or two. BUt there's a lot more to FIDO than first meets the eye. Helping me gnaw through the delicious skin of the movie's shiny veneer and devour the hot, meaty and surprisingly scathing subtextextual innards are DAN COHEN and CHRYSTEN PEDDIE from KILLING YOUR DARLINGS. FIDO stars BILLY CONNELLY, CARRIE-ANN MOSS, DYLAN BAKER and KESUN LODER. *** Please donate to BACKPACKS FOR THE STREETS at See Jeffrey & Jason in action on NBC News at *** Check out Chrysten's reading /drinking game of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING on Friday May 22 at 7pm at *** SCREAMQUEENZ SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE: FIDO and SHOCK VALUE 3pm Eastern on KAST Mentioned in this episode: SUNDAY NIGHT SCARY MOVIE PARTY Sunday, March 25: GRABBERS (2012) 8pm Eastern Time Please use Chrome or Firefox for best experience

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