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ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY!

Patrick K. Walsh



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"Stay the Eff Home. Chill the Eff Out." - The ScreamQueenz Contingency Plan - THE INVISIBLE MAN & THE HUNT

• 30 min

Mini reviews of Universal Pictures THE INVISIBLE MAN, and my plan to help you stay sane, connected and super entertained throughout this crisis starting with the..SPOOKY SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE: "Coraline" and Abbott & Costello's "The Time of Their Lives" 2pm Eastern Time SUNDAY SOCIAL SESH: 4pm Eastern Time SPONTANEOUS DISCO PARTY: Don't be jealous of my boogie... SQ GAMYER TAGS: Add your handle and platform! WHERE TO RENT THE INVISIBLE MAN & THE HUNT: Mentioned in this episode: SUNDAY NIGHT SCARY MOVIE PARTY Sunday, March 25: GRABBERS (2012) 8pm Eastern Time Please use Chrome or Firefox for best experience

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