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Leslie Pinson - Idea Week

• 36 min

Kyle and Tina are joined by Leslie Pinson to discuss upcoming Idea Week in South Bend. They cover common questions, highlight a few of the main events and go into detail as to what Idea Week is and who it is for. Leslie also shares what celebrity crush she would want at her funeral and explains why she has a large kitchen knife in her purse. If you are reading this, send us (@southbendbeat) a screenshot on Instagram of you listening to the podcast and we'll give you free South Bend Cubs tickets. This is only for the first three people that do it.   Show Links South Bend Beat Alpha Dog Agency   Links Follow Kyle on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Follow Alpha Dog Agency on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Follow South Bend Beat on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram   Sign Up For Idea Week Follow Idea Week on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter   Lighting Round Questions KFC Radio: Answer The Internet

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