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Stay Effing Positive: Diversity in Franchising

• 50 min

"Stay Effing Positive" featuring two incredible guests who are champions of diversity in the IFA and franchising industry. Joining us will be Richard Snow, Vice President of SBA at WSFS Bank, and David Smith, Senior Manager of Diversity Programs at IFA. Richard Snow recently won the prestigious 2022-2023 Ronald E. Harrison Award at the International Franchise Association Annual Convention, and we are honored to have him on the show. Advocating for diversity in franchising and small business is crucial to David because it changes the economic trajectory of minority communities. Eliminating business disparities is one of the hallmarks of equity, and we couldn't agree more. In this podcast, we will explore how to create a more inclusive and equitable franchise industry, the benefits of diversity in small business ownership, and ways to overcome the challenges that minority entrepreneurs face. We believe that one person alone cannot do this work, which is why we're grateful for our franchise industry family. So, join us in our effort to promote diversity and positivity in franchising and small business by tuning in to "Stay Effing Positive"!    

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