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Cognition, COVID and Continuation

• 48 min

Cognition – specifically, cognitive decline – are at the heart of why The Snooze Button began in the first place. And it’s front and center as we officially kick off Season Two of the show, with not only a continuation, but an evolution as well. Our Guests We’re excited to welcome Dr. Adrian Owen, OBE back to the show – he was our first guest ever, and we talk not only about his massive study of sleep and cognition that led to conclusions that even the researchers weren’t expecting, but get his “signoff” on our approach to the research into cognitive function and sleep that will be the cornerstone of Season Two. If you’d like to revisit the details of the study where Dr. Owen’s team found “the sweet spot” for sleep for most people – and what happens to your cognitive function if you get too little or too much sleep compared to that sweet spot, you can find it here (don’t worry, it’ll open in a new tab). In addition, our friend Dr. Seema Khosla returns for a look at what COVID has done to our sleep, what it’s done to sleep research, and what sleep does to COVID, too. Continuation and Evolution Season Two marks a slight shift in not only direction, but also presentation of our show. First, the direction of the show is shifting slightly toward research, in addition to continuing the learning. Season Two continues the conversations with sleep researchers and scientists from around the world, but now also includes Neil’s research into his own sleep issues. We’ll be talking regularly with celebrities, high achievers and newsmakers who have sleep challenges baked into their day-to-day experience. Each of them will offer Neil a sleep tip which he’ll try out for a couple of weeks, testing his cognitive performance and sleep data along the way, and bringing you into the loop so you can see which things worked, and which things didn’t. Second, there’s the presentation of the show – we’re now on YouTube! The YouTube version of the show is the exact same content as the full-length podcast, just with a video element added. We hope you like it. That, too, will evolve as we get better at playing with all the fun video tools. Linkapalooza Cambridge Brain Sciences is the website where you’ll find the tests of cognition that Neil and Dr. Owen discussed. There’s no charge to take the tests – try them for yourself, and let us know what you find out! This link will take you to Talking Sleep with Dr. Seema Khosla – the official podcast of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Our Sponsor If you need hosting for a website project, our humble opinion is that you can’t do better than Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting. However, if you click this link and visit (affiliate link), you’ll get a sweet 25% discount on your first three months! It’s the same platform this website sits on, and the platform that our company uses for every website project it’s involved in (we currently have six on the go). This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

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