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COVIDsomnia – How It’s Hurting Adults & Kids Alike

• 29 min

COVIDsomnia is its own special brand of sleep disorder, brought on in one way or another by COVID-19. Sleep experts say it’s not only the physical toll the virus is taking on the people who’ve been infected. It’s also keeping people awake at night with worry about whether they or their loved ones will get sick, too. We cover COVIDsomnia this week with a couple of experts dealing with very different groups of patients. First, Neil talks with Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg. She’s an Assistant Professor at Yale School of Medicine and Director of the Behavioral Sleep Program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. She’s also the author of the terrific book for parents, Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach. (Affiliate link.) Then, we look at COVIDsomnia with Dr. Seema Khosla from the North Dakota Centre for Sleep. You might also have seen her just recently as the sleep expert on Good Morning America. Seema talks about the eleven patients in her practice who’ve tested positive. We cover a lot of ground in these two conversations. COVIDsomnia sparks discussion about everything from sleep apnea to delaying school start times. LINKAPALOOZA You’ve heard Dr. Schneeberg on the show before. She was first on with us last October to talk about her book, Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach. She also joined the show February 10 to talk about sleep crutches and how they affect kids and adults. In addition to talking about COVIDsomnia this week, Dr. Khosla is a regular guest, too. Among Seema’s highlights: We discussed her podcast, Talking Sleep, on our episode from May 24, 2020. She came back in September to talk about wearable sleep trackers. And she was back again last week to talk about the crazy COVID dreams people have been having. That chat was an early intro to the COVIDsomnia conversation in this week’s episode. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

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