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Ep19 | Self-Care for Empaths with Robin from The Diary of an Empath

• 60 min

This week we talk with Robin from The Diary of an Empath. We discuss empaths in business, self-care for empaths, and even go into some numerology and astrology. Years ago, when she was working as a social worker she noticed that highly sensitive people were often labeled, and at times struggled in our fast-paced society. She knew this didn’t have to be the case. She left her work as a social worker to help empaths (aka highly sensitive people) learn to work with, protect, and excel using their empathic gifts and energy. Robin is a very special and courageous soul and we feel honored to share her illuminating story! You can find Robin at https://www.thediaryofanempath.com/   ∙ Visit us at www.pointsofillumination.com for our upcoming courses and in-person retreats. Sign-up to our email list and get automatically entered into our monthly drawing for a FREE Astrology reading with a value of $200 USD!  ∙ Join our Free Facebook community “POI Support Circle” for conversations, questions, and comments on the podcast. ∙ Follow us on Instagram @pointsofillumination for the latest news! Make sure to hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on any of our weekly episodes. If you enjoyed this one, please leave us a 5-star review, and share it with someone you think could benefit from it. We would be forever grateful!

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