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Ep4 | Shadow Work- Discover the Freedom that comes from Working through our Shadow

• 41 min

 We dive deep into shadow work, we discuss what shadow is, how to discover what is lurking in our shadow, and how to work with it and integrate it. We explain why the more shadow work we do, the lighter, freer, and more authentic we feel.    We also talk about triggers and projections, what they are, and how they play into shadow work.    Steps to work with shadow: 1- Think of a rejected aspect of self.  2- Bring it to mind for a moment and then write it down in a journal.   3- In your mind imagine the worst possible scenario happening- the person who you never want to find out about this finds out. Watch this play out in your mind, watch the emotions and how your body feels as you think about this.  4- Then tell someone you trust about this shadow aspect, like a confession. 5- Start to notice little ways you can air it throughout the week.  6- Stay with discomfort as it comes up.    ∙ For more information, courses, and in-person retreats visit us at www.pointsofillumination.com and sign-up for our FREE teaching: 5 minutes to calm using nothing but our own breath. ∙ Follow us on Instagram @pointsofillumination and Facebook: Points of Illumination for the latest news!   Make sure to hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on any of our weekly episodes. If you enjoyed this one, please leave us a 5-star review, and share it with someone you think could benefit from it. We would be forever grateful!

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