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Vanishing Virility: Understanding the Modern Testosterone Crisis

• 11 min

Why do 22-year-olds today have the testosterone levels of 67-year-old men from the year 2000? Could it be because high testosterone activities and behaviors are increasingly being criminalized? I dive into the theory that the modern world is contributing to the decline in testosterone levels by stigmatizing and punishing testosterone-loaded activities, leading to a downward spiral in overall testosterone levels. Join me as look at the evolution of law enforcement, the rise of a culture that labels aggressive behaviors as "toxic," and how movies from the 70s and 80s highlight a higher testosterone society. Discover how this decline in testosterone affects men today and how our society has slowly evolved to prevent these once-commonplace behaviors from happening.  0:00:39 - Testosterone and Prison0:02:04 - Testosterone in the 70's and 80's0:06:16 - Toxic Masculinity and Testosterone0:08:26 - Testosterone's Catch 22 (Sorry for some clicking in the audio, there were some issues with my set up that I didn't notice until after I was done recording. We'll get that sorted!) Other Life✦ Subscribe to the coolest free newsletter in the world and I'll send you all of my private book highlights. https://otherlife.co✦ Join the Other Life community (free) https://otherlife.co/join IndieThinkers.org✦ If you're working on independent projects, join the next cohort of https://IndieThinkers.org

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