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The Social Science of Tiger King with Geoffrey Miller and Diana Fleischman

• 106 min

The absolute final word on all social-scientific questions related to Tiger King, the recent Netflix documentary. Taking questions from Twitter, we analyze: Why these tiger-breeding cult leaders score hot chicks (and guys, including straight guys!), the personality traits of these people, the ethical culpability of Joe vs. Carole, the ethics of animal breeding in general, etc. We also highlight multiple feasible equilibria in which Carole and Joe cooperate to reduce animal suffering. Follow Geoffrey Miller on Twitter and Youtube. You can also listen to this podcast on Geoffrey's channel. Follow Diana Fleischman on Twitter and Youtube. 👉 I'm currently hosting free, group work sessions on Zoom every Tuesday at 11am Eastern! We meet for 4 hours to do focused, private work on our personal intellectual and creative projects. Sign up here. 👉 If you'd like to discuss this podcast with me and others, suggest future guests, or read/watch/listen to more content on these themes, request an invitation to my free Discord server. 👉 This podcast is made possible by my patrons so big thanks to them. If you'd like to help expand my operations, you can become a patron yourself.

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