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Midnight B4 Moldbug in LA w/ Barrett Avner, Alex Moyer, and Wanyoung Kim

• 75 min

We recorded this late in the evening before the live show with Curtis Yarvin. It's lit, based, and fire. ✦ Barrett Avner of Contain ✦ Alex Moyer, director of TFW NO GF ✦ Wanyoung Kim, author of Cosmophenomenology ➡️ If you'd like to discuss this podcast with me and others, suggest future guests, or read/watch/listen to more content on these themes, request an invitation to my free Discord server. ➡️ Are you an intellectual working outside of institutions and/or mostly on the internet? I'm building a private membership community for those of us getting serious about increasing our impact and financial success. If this sounds like you, request an invitation at IndieThinkers.org. ➡️ This podcast is made possible by my patrons so big thanks to them. If you'd like to help expand my operations, you can become a patron yourself.

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