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Maximum Meta | Jessica Pack

• 47 min

Friends, we have an awesome pod for you today! We talk about a new board game and special OnEducation event, Mike’s roleplaying adventure, Florida brilliance, and our guest this week is Moviemaking in the Classroom author Jessica Pack. Guest: Jessica Pack Our guest is a California Teacher of the Year, a CUE Outstanding Educator, and an author who has been teaching middle school for 16 years. Her book, Moviemaking in the Classroom, published by ISTE is OUT NOW. BUY THE BOOK!: Jessica on Twitter: Notes: ASK FOR STICKERS: Today's podcast is brought to you by: Participate: The presenting sponsor of OnEducation is Participate. The Sandbox is creating a learning ecosystem where educators can learn in weekly streams, bring ideas into their classrooms, collaborate with other educators and become Sandbox ambassadors. Join the community to learn more at

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