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Rethink Homework, Please | Matthew Joseph

• 58 min

In this episode, Mike and Glen discuss the pedagogical trends in Education for 2019, the 4 Day School Week, what is stressing our students out and our guest this week is an amazing educational leader Matt Joseph. References: Guest: Dr. Matthew Joseph - Director of Digital Learning, Informational Technology, and Innovation - Milford Public SchoolsBlog: Profile: I work with kids. Here’s why they’re consumed with anxiety: Homework a Waste of Students’ Time? Study Finds It’s the Biggest Cause of Teen Stress: Homework Causes Teen Stress & Lack Of SleepPedagogical trends for 2019 balance tech with holistic learning: Pedagogical Trends for 2019No More Mondays. Colorado School District Moves to 4 Day Weeks: 4 Day School WeekSouth Carolina bill would mandate high schoolers take personal finance class: Today's podcast is brought to you by:Schoology: To learn more about how Schoology can help you advance what's possible, check out and sign up for a free teacher account.Classcraft: Visit and check out the Quest Marketplace to download the Questathon quests to contribute to the #teachersareprofessionals movement.

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