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Special Edition: Safeguarding the 2024 Election

• 20 min

We are less than five months away from election day and as we deal with a contentious political atmosphere, there are concerns about potential violence. Surveys show local election officials are worried about the safety of their colleagues, and many have already experienced harassment and intimidation.  Our two guests today are no exception. They’ve faced threats directly – one of them says he got more dangerous threats as an election official than when he was a homicide detective -- and today, we'll learn about how they're working with local governments to ensure everyone, including voters, stays safe on election day.  Learn more about our guests: Sign-up for our bonus weekly email: Become an INSIDER for ad-free episodes: This episode was sponsored by: Go to to sign your kids up for a limited Camp CrunchLabs subscription and two boxes free, which is a $60 value. Go to and download the Zocdoc app for FREE. Then find and book a top-rated doctor today. To advertise on our podcast, please reach out to #Elections #2024Election #Safety     

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