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Special Edition: Imposters Stole $8K. How ‘Money with Katie’ Got Scammed

• 21 min

Americans lost more than $2.7 billion to imposter scams in 2023. While we’d all like to think we would never fall for something like this, the truth is, anyone can, including someone who now talks about money for a living. I’m speaking with Katie Gatti Tassin, better known online as “Money with Katie." Her podcast is “The Money with Katie Show” and she shares her insights with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and newsletter subscribers each week.  Today, she opens up about how she fell for a scam and was robbed of roughly half her net worth back in 2019, and how you can recognize the red flags to avoid the same fate. Learn more about our guests: Sign-up for our bonus weekly email: Become an INSIDER for ad-free episodes: This episode was sponsored by: Get 30% off your first month of coffee when you visit Get 15% off Boll & Branch with the code NEWSWORTHY at To advertise on our podcast, please reach out to #MoneyWithKatie  #IdentityTheft #Scams    

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