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Hottest Summer Ever, ‘Tripledemic’ 2.0? & Dictionary’s New Words- Thursday, September 7, 2023

• 13 min

The news to know for Thursday, September 7, 2023! We're telling you about a summer weather record and a new rule that impacts the largest remaining stretch of untouched wilderness in the U.S. Also, there's an update about a controversial kiss that happened after Spain won the women's World Cup. Plus, it looks like Mexico will have its first woman president, a new move opens the door for more drones to fly farther and reach more people, and some new words made it into the dictionary.  See sources: Sign-up for our bonus weekly email: Become an INSIDER and get ad-free episodes: This episode was sponsored by: Trust & Will: Nutrafol: (Listen for the discount code) To advertise on our podcast, please reach out to Get The NewsWorthy merch here:

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