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Special Edition: Hackers Targeting Schools - Why & What to Do

• 17 min

It’s back-to-school season – not just for kids and school districts – but also for the cyber criminals who target them. The FBI has warned cyber attacks on schools is a growing concern. Expert Doug Levin from the non-profit K-12 Security Information eXchange explains what’s at stake and why schools are valuable and vulnerable targets. Plus, most importantly, he shares actionable advice for how schools and parents can PREVENT cyber attacks and safeguard children’s information. Learn more about our guests: Sign-up for our bonus weekly email: Become an INSIDER for ad-free episodes: Get our merch: This episode was sponsored by: Honeylove: Get 20% off at AG1: Get free travel packs & Vitamin D at To advertise on our podcast, please reach out to #CyberSecurity #Ransomware #Schools  

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