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Special Edition: Bank Failures & High Inflation Explained

• 18 min

Today, we’re focusing on two major money events impacting the economy and possibly your own bank account: The seemingly sudden failure of some U.S. banks, and stubbornly high inflation. We’ll get into inflation in the second half of this episode with the expert best known as the Inflation Guy. Michael Ashton is the managing principal of Enduring Investments and the host of the “Inflation Guy” podcast. We’ll discuss what triggers inflation, why prices don’t typically come back down after they go up, and so much more.  But first, the story getting all the headlines over the past week: major bank failures on a scale not seen since the Great Recession. We wanted to take more time to explain how this all happened and what can be learned from it. We’re speaking with Justin Baer, a senior special writer at the Wall Street Journal who has been covering the collapse.  Sign-up for our weekly email newsletter with extra news stories, random recommendations, listener features and more:  Thanks to The NewsWorthy INSIDERS for your support! Get ad-free episodes here: This episode is brought to you by and To advertise on our podcast, please reach out to  

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