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Griner Prisoner Swap, Blizzard Brewing & Twitter’s Blacklists - Friday, December 9, 2022

• 12 min

The news to know for Friday, December 9, 2022! We'll tell you what to know about the prisoner swap to bring Brittney Griner home, including who the U.S. had to release back to Russia to make it happen. Also, there's a new Covid-19 vaccine for the youngest Americans, and a storm could bring tornadoes, flooding, and blizzards to the U.S. Plus, which accounts Twitter put on so-called blacklists, why now may be the perfect time to fill up your gas tank, and a historic first for American money. Those stories and more news to know in around 10 minutes! Head to for sources and to read more about any of the stories mentioned today. This episode is brought to you by and  Thanks to The NewsWorthy INSIDERS for your support! Become one here:

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