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Special Edition: Science of Giving Thanks + Gratitude Meditation

• 17 min

Gratitude may actually make you healthier. Studies cited by the American Heart Association have shown that people who regularly express gratitude tend to have lower blood pressure, sleep and eat better, and are better able to manage stress.  Our first guest is University of Michigan psychology instructor and doctoral candidate, Christina Costa. She has focused her research on how feeling grateful is connected to overall well-being and resiliency. She uses practices from her own brain research to live with gratitude, despite having brain cancer. Meditation is one way to marinate in feelings of gratitude. To help you unwind from what are often fun but chaotic holiday gatherings, we’re doing something a little different. My friend Katie Krimitsos is the founder of the Women’s Meditation Network and has created a 5-minute, beautiful guided meditation just for us. How to enter the Women’s Meditation Network’s November Gratitude Giveaway This episode is brought to you by (Listen for the discount code) and Get ad-free episodes by becoming an insider:

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