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Special Edition: Investing 101 & Living a Rich Life w/ Ramit Sethi

• 16 min

Do you ask $3 questions or $30,000 questions? Our guest today says asking the right questions, and understanding their answers, can help you live a truly rich life. Financial guru Ramit Sethi – who is the author of a best-selling book and host of a popular podcast both called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” – joins me today to talk about investing and some of the top things you need to know about it. We’re talking about everything from where to invest your hard-earned dollars, what mindset to have as the market shifts, and how to know if you’re saving enough money to actually retire one day. And most importantly, what to plan out in detail so when more money comes in, you know what to do with it. He even puts me on the spot – asking about my rich life. This episode is brought to you by and Get ad-free episodes and support the show by becoming an INSIDER:

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