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Trump Warrant Affidavit, NASA’s Moon Return & VMA Surprises- Monday, August 29th, 2022

• 13 min

The news to know for Monday, August 29th, 2022! We'll tell you about the Justice Department's rationale for searching former President Trump's home, what team Trump is saying about it, and why American intelligence agencies opened another new investigation. Also, could it be a repeat from two years ago? Officials in central Mississippi are warning people to leave now.  Plus, Moderna is suing Pfizer over Covid-19 vaccines, NASA is set to launch its most powerful rocket, and award show surprises will likely keep trending on social media today.  Those stories and more in around 10 minutes! Head to for sources and to read more about any of the stories mentioned today. This episode is brought to you by and Thanks to The NewsWorthy INSIDERS for your support! Become one here: 

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