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Special Edition: Updated Boosters, Flu Season & What’s Next?

• 17 min

When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re in a much better spot today than we have been in the last couple of years. Still, public health experts want people to be aware of steps they can take now to avoid another surge this winter, especially with flu season right around the corner. Our guest today is epidemiologist and data scientist Dr. Katelyn Jetelina. She has a popular newsletter on Substack, and you may know her on social media as “Your Local Epidemiologist.” She works in health policy at Meadows Institute and is a senior scientific advisor for numerous nonprofit and government agencies. She was even recently invited to the White House to share her expertise. Dr. Jetelina is giving us a snapshot of where the pandemic stands right now. We’re talking about the updated booster shots on their way and I ask her a more personal question about vaccines for kids. Then, what she’s expecting for this year’s flu season and she offers us some hope for a future with no COVID-19 at all. ​​​This episode is brought to you by and Get ad-free episodes and support the show by becoming an INSIDER:

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