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Special Edition: Ready for a Recession?

• 14 min

The economy seems to be a top concern for most Americans. In a recent poll of registered voters from the New York Times and Siena College, asking what the most important problem facing the nation is, the economy and the rising cost of living topped the list. Just this week, analysts said inflation reached a new four-decade high and the stock market continues to be unstable. What should we do about all this uncertainty? What does it mean for our money? We’re joined today by Nicole Lapin. She’s a financial journalist, tv news anchor, author, and the host of the popular podcast “Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin.” We get started with why she thinks we’re already in a recession and why this is actually a time when “great fortunes” can be made. This episode is brought to you by and Get ad-free episodes and support the show by becoming an INSIDER:

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