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Rare Michigan Tornado, Monkeypox Outbreak Explained & ‘Early Voting’ Surprise- Monday, May 23rd, 2022

• 12 min

The news to know for Monday, May 23rd, 2022! What to know about a rare storm that caused "catastrophic" damage in northern Michigan. And after hundreds of allegations a few years ago, a scathing new report is bringing up new challenges for one Christian community. Also, what's going on with monkeypox? We'll explain where the rare virus has popped up and why experts say there is no reason to panic.  Plus, thousands of popular peanut butter jars were recalled, there are new efforts to deal with a baby formula shortage, and two major sporting events ended with surprise winners. Those stories and more in around 10 minutes! Head to for sources and to read more about any of the stories mentioned today. This episode is brought to you by and Thanks to The NewsWorthy INSIDERS for your support! Become one here:   

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