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Special Edition: American in Ukraine + What is a War Crime?

• 17 min

As Russia continues to wage war in Ukraine, some Americans and others around the world are leaving their more comfortable lives behind to go help. Today we’re hearing from a U.S. veteran-turned-volunteer in Ukraine. David Ribardo launched a group called Volunteers for Ukraine to organize relief efforts and collect donations, and now he’s there himself on the ground to help deliver supplies. And later, what is a war crime? The United Nations is working to gather evidence of war crimes committed in Ukraine. If Russian soldiers or even President Vladimir Putin himself were to be indicted, what would happen next? We’re getting answers from an expert on international law, Rosa Celorio. She is the associate dean for International and Comparative Legal Studies at GW Law. This episode is brought to you by and  Get ad-free episodes and support the show by becoming an INSIDER:  

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